Ring Sizing

How to size down a ring

Traditionally, to size a ring (for example: sizing down from a size 7 to a size 5) would involve the following steps:

    1. The jeweler determines the ring’s current size using a ring sizing tool called the mandrel.The mandrel tells the jeweler how large a piece of metal to cut from the ring’s shank, to achieve the customer’s finger size.
    2. Using a fine saw blade, the jeweler cuts through the shank to remove the cutout piece. See Figure 1.
      Figure 1
      Figure 1 – Removed gold piece to size down.
    3. The jeweler forms the ring shank to the new smaller ring size. The jeweler laser welds to fill the adjoining seams. The resized ring will not show any sign of a soldered seam.
    4. Finally, the jeweler polishes any remaining tool marks. See Figure 2

      Figure 2Figure 2 – The ring before sizing (left, size 7), and after sizing (right, size 5) using the cut & weld sizing method.

The advantages of the cut & weld sizing method are:

  • The resized ring maintains its original look.
  • The resized ring maintains its original comfort fit.
  • Faster and cheaper resizing fee.

The disadvantages:

  • Excessive resizing of the ring can reduce the overall structural integrity of the ring shank over time.
  • The customer cannot adjust the ring at home after sizing while the spring sizing method can allow some adjustment.
  • This method does not help to stabilize the ring to the upright position on the finger.
  • Some customers with a large finger knuckle experience their ring rotating from its upright position, even when the ring is sized correctly to the customer’s preferred ring size.

An alternative (non-destructive) sizing method is to laser weld a custom spring bar inside the shank. This method enables the jeweler to size the ring down without cutting out any metal from the original shank, see Figure 3.

Figure 3
Figure 3 – The ring before sizing (left, size 7), and after sizing (right, size 5) using the custom spring bar sizing method.

The advantages to this spring bar method are:

  • It works best for clients with a large finger knuckle.
  • The tension of the spring bar against the bottom of the finger minimizes ring rotation and keeps the center stone upright.
  • The customer can adjust the ring based on their fitting preference or seasonal swelling.


Maybe diamond will be a girl’s best friend without hurting a boy’s wallet…

For centuries, diamond is a symbol of love and achievement. Normally, a 1ct round brilliant, VS1 clarity, and D color natural diamond run about $20,000/ct.

Last year, Gemological Institute of America (GIA) obtained 40 synthetic diamond crystals from a Russian company, named New Diamond Technology. These samples had a range of carat weight from .20ct to 5.11ct, with color grade from D to K, and clarity grades from IF to I2. This company had a successful rate of 89% in achieving a batch of colorless diamond (color ranging from D-F). These synthetic diamonds were either type IIa or week type IIb and possessed Ni-, Si- or N- related defects. However, HTTP method was promising to give the market an alternative product with a lower price point.


This year, Gemological Institute of America (GIA) obtained 50 synthetic diamond crystals from a company in Shandong, China. These samples had a range of carat weigh up to 3.5ct. Moreover, large quantities of gem-quality colorless and blue diamonds are produced at the same spot. Chinese factory owner did not disclose a total production; however, there will be lots more to be produced in a near future.

Many consumers today love to shop online. The issue is, how many online sellers will disclose their jewelry are using synthetic or natural diamonds honestly. Despite they might look similar, the rarer the gem, the more money its price. By definition, the price of a gem is based on three categories: beauty, durability, and rarity.






Forever Love Flow…

This is her gift to him…Till death do us part!

Today, many men have fallen in love with diamond and rose gold jewelry. This ring we designed for a constructors that love little bling of diamond on a study gold rose ring. There in none in the market, and we successfully design it for him. The flow of the white gold curves represents for free spirit of the two person in love and vow to be together forever.



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Please call 911 if you see this man.
Video: Man steals rings from Cedar Park jewelry store

NEW! Unique Amethyst Handmade Grape Pendant

As natural as possible- A handmade pendant shows no less impressive than any CAD design pieces.

This 4.804CT Genuine Amethyst Handmade Grape Pendant, was exquisitely designed and handmade by Terry Barner, one of our gemologists and jewelers. Starting with a beautiful gemstone but there was no mounting to fit its museum size, Terry used a half-round wire of fine silver to wrap around the gem, laser welded the end, and bezel set it. He also used laser welder to make three beads from fine silver round wire. Then he cut leaves out of sterling silver sheet, formed the organic curve, and textured it to achieve the most natural look it can be. The bail to hang the pendant was another natural hands of the grape vine. It is very lovely and is waiting to be possessed by you.

See it in our Pendant – ABD Signature Collection
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Maple Leaf (Work in Progress)

I am now drilling down into the fine details of the leaf. I want to exaggerate the fine details in order to compensate for the loss of details that occurs when the model goes through the casting and polishing process. The ultimate goal is to have a natural looking textured surface.

-Huy N Nguyen

Maple Leaf Progress


New Designs w/ Tulip Head

For product info, please visit our ABD Signature Collection:

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